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Since 2008 we have represented Sweden in qualitative and professional EU projects. We have provided each project with a set of unique tools learning CPT (Cultural Pedagogical Theatre) within the social issues.

The competences and skills acquired with our CPT education and training experience will be recognized and validated in Europass format measured by ECVET.

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EU-projects within CPT to train and educate together with project partners from Spain, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Czech Republic, Portugal, Scotland, Italy, Wales, Turkey, Bulgaria, England, Romania and Iceland



PAGES - Pathways for guiding employment skills for ASD (2017-2019)

Focused on people with TEA, professionals working with them, as well as
potential employers. It was structured around three axes: intervention, training and
integration into the labour market.

The task of TP-Theatre: Through the CPT method allowing professionals to co‐construct and script complex situations during three days training activities and follow-up with professionals within education and social roles as well as employers. We also had the task of video documenting the traning activities.



TRAIL - Teenagers, the Road with Autism to an Independent Living (2015-2017)

Autism affects 3.3 million people in the European Union. In addition to having a comparative approach to the policies of its member states to work on convergences and benchmark, the challenge was to better define the needs of the relevant stakeholders and propose innovative tools and methods to professionals.


Our task: Online education using the CPT method to allow professionals to co‐construct and script complex situations during five days of training activities with professionals who work direct or in-direct with autism. We also had the task of video documenting the training activities.




IESEC - Increasing employability and standards of elderly caregivers (2014-2016)

This EU Theatre project aimed to support the development and implementation of higher standard services for the elderly through specialized training and innovative empowerment of ageing specialists and caregivers.


Our task: Together with focus groups identify the emotional needs of caregivers and produce two pedagogical videos within the CPT to demonstrate how to handle stress and carry out the role of a caregiver. The videos was translated in all the particpants national language.



CAPWIN (2013-2015)

The project has originated in the concern which is found in the context of the European Strategy
regarding school drop‐out.
The main goal of the project was to train the professionals in dealing with kids within in this situation
(school drop‐out) on how to reconnect the kids with their goals, so that the kids put themselves back on track and return to being a part of the classical school system.


Our task: Development of training materials in six languages and implementation of the
CPT method for achieving support videos for training. Capwin project was considered "A Good practice example" by Erasmus evaluators.

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