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For nearly 30 years have we qualitatively and professionally working with theatre. In all our projects, the history of tomorrow is created by the audience. Even if our main purpose is theatre it has led us in to other interesting working areas where theatre as an educational and training tool has been proved to be very useful.

Interactive Form Theatre

A theatre perfomance is ceated by the audience using four pillars.


IFT is an educational way to reach and enhance the audience's knowledge and innovative capability. The essence is to make the audience an active and decisive role in the performance.

Interactive Script Writing

A manuscript is ceated by the students.

ISW is a two-stage cultural educational theater method that promotes and increases the children's creativity, collaborative skills, strengthens the community and contributes to popular education. The theater method can be used in topics such as bullying, violence, honorble problematics, racism etc.

Interactive Design Theatre

The manuscript is developed together with the organizer and are based on your wishes


IDT. You as the organizer/project coordinator decides the subject and are involved through the whole manuscript process, as you have the knowledge, skills and experience within the given topic.


A lot students are exposed to bullying at school.

Many suffer from it very, very badly, get health problems, sense of being abandoned, increased lack of confidence in adults and this affects at not least the school results and the future. We therefore hold lectures based on own experiences at schools about bullying and violations in connection with interactive form theatre if agreed.

Theatre in schools

”How to be a good friend”

- It is a question the school children has many great answers to. With the theatre tool Interactive Form Theatre and together with the students (age 7-15) have we created countless of different theatre plays within the subject.


-- Why do the children like Interactive Form Theatre so much?

The main reason is that they are developing and creating a theatre perfomance together. They are sharing thoughts, experiences, has different views of perspective. Discussing with each other. And above all, they are Directors from the beginning to the end.

We always begin with a conversation about the children's experiences, thoughts and questions about,

how to be a good friend.

Children and teachers summarizes Interactive Form Theatre and the project How to be a good friend?

"We have had three wonderful people from the TP-Theatre. All the classes of students they visited were very pleased with the theater that the students and the actors did together. The students really felt that they had been able to participate in a good way where they had to decide a lot .

We teachers also thought this was a very good way to work. It was a democratic way of working. We have already been able to make use of the different characteristics of the different characters in the daily conflict management. Now we got another tool to use"

Very well received, the students thought that it was fun to be a part of it and create the synopsis. To write the story, to be a part of the play even during the play and to be able to influence the outcomes. The students were really surprised over how the actors successfully met and acted out their suggestions


"All the children were very satisfied and thought it was very fun. And that they were involved in what would happen they thought were "cool". The time it took for the performance and the children´s creation of the scenario was perfect. The students thought that the actors were good and flexible who could change fast "

The childrens IFT is ready to be performed "How to be a good friend"

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  • At conferences, seminars, european projects etc, Interactive Form Theatre- Interactive Design Theatre
  • At schools, Interactive Form Theatre- Interactive Script Writing and Interactive Design Theatre- Children's theatre- Cultural Pedagogical Series and workshops for school children.

TP-Theatres artistic director and supervising trainer explains the structure of our Cultural Pedagogical Theatre tools.(English subtitle)

Training and Education

  • Interactive Design Theatre- Interactive Form Theatre- Interactive Script Writing
  • EU projects- Staff teaching- Social and healthcare workers, teachers, headmasters, politicians etc.
  • Language learning using Cultural Pedagogical Theatre

Gothenburg community education conference- Interactive Design Theatre about violence among youths. (non subtitle)

European project, documentation & Other

  • Education and Information videos- Video documentation (in HD)
  • European Union cooperation projects in the education fields.
  • Anti bullying projects.

Education of teachers, social workers and psychologists from France, Spain, Greece and England. During one week the trainees was educated in Cultural Pedagogical Theatre Tools, IFT, IDT & ISW.


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