Interactive Form Theatre


An educational way to reach and enhance the audience's knowledge and innovative capability.

The essence is to make the audience an active and decisive role in the performance.

Interactive Design Theatre


The manuscript is developed together with the organizer and are based on their wishes.

You as the organizer decides the subject and you are involved throughout the whole manuscript process, as you have the knowledge, skills and experience within the given topic.

Theatre in schools

”How to be a good friend”


That is actually a question the kids has many great answers to. With the theatre tool Interactive Form Theatre and together with children (age 7-15) have we created tons of different theatre plays within the subject.

Then why do the children like Interactive Form Theatre so much?

Well, to be a part of the creation, ask questions, share thoughts, different view of perspectives, own innovation and to act as "directors" from start to finish.

As a teacher summarized the theatre:

Very well received, the students thought that it was fun to be a part of it and create the synopsis. To write the story, to be a part of the play even during the play and to be able to influence the outcomes. The students were really surprised over how the actors successfully met and acted out their suggestions

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The childrens theatreplay is ready to be performed "How to be a good friend"

Activities of TP-Theatre

For over 25 years have we been working with theatre. And even if our main purpose is theatre has it led us in to other interesting working areas where theatre as an educational and training tool has been proved to be very useful.


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Cultural Pedagogical Theatre



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TP-Theatres artistic director explaining the structure of our Cultural Pedagogical Theatretools.(English subtitle)

During one week teachers, social workers and psychologists from France, Spain, Greece and England was educated in Cultural Pedagogical Theatre Tools, IFT, IDT & ISW.



We celebrate our 25th anniversary

We would therefore like to take the opportunity to thank coworkers, project partners and other stakeholders over the years.



"How to be a good friend"


Interactive Form Theatre

for 7-15 year old schoolkids.




Cultural Pedagogical Tool


Now you have opportunity to learn the structures of Cultural Pedagogical Tools- IFT- Interactive Form Theatre, IDT- Interactive Design Theatre and ISW- Interactive Script Writing.

Create an account and start learning.

Good luck




A Erasmus+ project about AUTISM.To enhance the possibilities on the labourmarket for people diagnosed with Autism

Oct 17: Madrid, Spain, May 18: Sofia, Bulgaria

Nov 18: Cardiff England, Sept 19: Rome, Italy



Cultural Pedagogical Tool Training Courses

March-April-May- 2018

Madrid- Spain, Cardiff- England

Sofia-Bulgaria, Rome- Italy




European Project




A Erasmus+ funded project about autism

Oct 16: Gothenburg,Training Course Sweden




Education in TP-Theatres

Cultural Pedagogical Tools: IFT, IDT & ISW

Jan 16: Stockholm, Sweden, Aug 16: Barcelona, Spain, Oct 16: Gothenburg, Sweden




About caregivers and care receivers

A Erasmus+ funded project.




Against "Drop Outs".

A Leonardo Da Vinci funded project.




Knowledge Across Fair Experience.

A Grundtvig funded project.




Attractive Training Techniques to EMpower Parents and Teachers.

A Daphne III funded project.




.How to use "CPT" Cultural Pedagogical Tools in Language Learning..

A Grundtvig funded project



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